A girl’s world is about dreams and chocolate


Image credits: Desktop Nexus

Girls are addicted to chocolate, or at least I am. May it be dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, each has an audience of its own. When I was a young child where my parents would dress me up in pink and be princess-like, my favourite type of chocolate would be the white chocolate, due to its colour that reminds me of my Prince Charming. But as I grew, the bitterness of the chocolate starts to win me over.

Right now I am more of a huge fan of dark chocolate with occasionally eating milk chocolate from my favourite confectionary: KitKats.


Image credit:Wikia

I am also a great fan of orange-flavoured chocolates and mint chocolate. It seems like I have a special liking for fruit or berry flavoured chocolates too. The refreshing taste of mint mixed with the sweetness of the chocolate always manages to bring a smile to my face.

Image credits: Chef Eddy Van Damme


Image credits: Pinterest

Did I mention how I also like s’mores? Actually s’mores isn’t really a thing in Malaysia, but after I stumbled into this post, I have been a fan ever since. Chocolate fudge S’mores mug cakes!

Image credits: How Sweet Eats

But it turned even better when I found this. THIS. S’mores cake in a jar. The feels though.

S'mores Cake in a Jar I howsweeteats.com

Image credits: How Sweet Eats

Now I’m craving for some chocolate cake. Can’t leave out the lava cake too. Argh.


Image credits: Savory Sweet Life




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