KitKat & Oreos : Japan & America (Part 2)


Image credits: Mistura Perfeita

In the last post I talked about the overwhelming 200 more flavours of KitKat in Japan, and today we are going to talk about its counterpart: Oreo!!!!


Image credits:

Oreo is the most popular cookie in America, with over 60 flavours if you include also the international versions. There has been tons of spinoffs of Oreo in other confectionaries, which includes the Oreo-flavoured KitKat!

oreo kitkats

This is what I call heaven where you get the best of both worlds. Image credit: Flickr

During the Gay Pride month, Oreo has also made a Rainbow coloured Oreo in support of the movement.  It wasn’t released on the market though, which is quite disappointing at the same time. They could have considered releasing a limited version during that month which would really rake in tons of money for them. I mean, just look at that height of the cookie! How are you going to dig your teeth into them?


Image credit:

Speaking of both confectionaries, they both have a slogan, with KitKat’s “Have a break, have a Kitkat” to Oreo’s “Twist, Lick, Dunk” which literally tells everybody about their characteristics. The breaking of KitKats really gives off a vibe where someone is able to snap out of their work for a while and enjoy a small break; whilst Oreo is the milk’s favourite cookie and enjoyed best when you dip it inside milk.

See Buzzfeed trying out the Great American flavours in the video below!

Also a rendition of Japanese Oreo, which taste and look different from the usual types we see.



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