Discussion: Living without Meat, Can you?

Before we start, let’s discuss about the body functions of the human body. We are designed to be omnivores, with carnivorous teeth for ripping through meat and flesh.Yet we couldn’t absorb certain nutrients such minerals through only consuming meat, thus greens are also a huge part of our diets. So now here’s the question, can human beings live without meat in their lives?

Basically meat is a source of protein for the human body, where we could also gain through consuming beans. Besides that, there is also a certain type of people known as “vegans” whose diets are composed entirely of greens, beans and to a small extent, eggs and dairy products. Whilst this holds a strong stand that people could live without meat in their lives, one might wonder upon why one’s body functions as a omnivore giving the circumstances as above.

Let us talk about the main reason that made one solely a herbivore. Besides religious reasons such as Buddhism where monks and nuns have a vegetarian diet as gratitude and unwillingness to let any living being suffer, others are claiming it as a healthy lifestyle where they can get rid of the toxins in their body. But is it really that healthy though?

I’m  not really into that healthy talk though, as you cannot observe any differences between herbivores and carnivores. Man are made to be omnivores, so what’s the point of  arguing over the food that is served onto your platter anyway?


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