Crazy milkshakes! Shake it shake it!

Due to a housemate of mine constantly playing this song during the summer, nowadays if one says “shake it” I would immediately think of this song which is extremely addictive. It is a single “Shake it” by Sistar, a Korean girl group that released it this summer.

My friend went to Candy Lab that was located on Temple Bar and enjoyed this great milkshake that was a bit pricey but nevertheless good.

The shop entrance. Image credit: Candy Lab Facebook page


The milkshake my friend had. Image credits: Winnie Yap

Turns out that there is a also a crazy milkshake called freakshakes that is similar to this in Australia, which you have to queue for hours. A youtuber Ann Readon has uploaded a tutorial video on how to make these milkshakes, with four whopping flavours.


Image credit:




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