The machine that works wonders

Yes, the machine that makes miracles happen for the poor tight-budget students. Even if it is just for reheating food, this machine still works wonders.

The idea for this article was stimulated after watching this video by Buzzfeed: Can You Waffle It?

I myself is a huge fan of waffles, enjoying the fluffiness of the waffle. Back in my high school days, there would be students clambering to get a serving of a waffle which is served at most food stalls that managed to borrow one during the school anniversary’s charity bazaar.

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The waffle irons are extremely convenient for making quick recipes for brunch, dessert and dinner. If you are not putting  waffle batter into the iron, you could opt for frozen fries that turn into hash browns upon waffling.

Frozen food are always a staple in students’ fridges which makes it extremely convenient if one could use the waffle iron to make a quick meal.You can check out this website for a quick list on what you can make for three meals a day.



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