Lunch specials: KIMCHI

Image credit: Hophouse/Kimchi Facebook page

Today we are going to talk about a Korean restaurant, KIMCHI aka Hophouse (the bar’s name).

It is located on Parnell Street in the city centre, so if you are shopping by the area, don’t forget to drop by and take a look! If you are not interested in lunch, you can also drop by at night for a bottle of sake, as they sell a huge variety of them.

Image credit: Hophouse/Kimchi Facebook page

The lunch specials were nice, I strongly recommend ordering the rabokki which is ramen and teokkbokki(korean soft rice cake) stir-fried together. It is a bit spicy though, so be prepared to get a glass of warm water by your side to get rid of the heat in your mouth! They have a set meal which you can order the gimbap(Korean rice rolls that are similar to sushi, but are made out of normal rice as opposed to sushi’s vinegar rice) together with the rabokki, making it suitable as a meal for two, yet dependent on one’s appetite though.


Rabokki. Image credits: Winnie Yap

In the cold weather like this, having a nice bowl of stew would be nice to your belly. One couldn’t miss out the iconic kimchi zigae(stew) in a Korean restaurant. In most Korean restaurants, the stew comes with a rice as a set meal.


Gimbap and Kimchi Zigae. Image credit: Winnie Yap


Image credit: Winnie Yap


Korean bibimbap, rice with mixed vegetables and meat placed on top. Image credits: Winnie Yap

If you are curious for more details on this restaurant, you can visit their website here: for a quick look at their menu.

Ps. You can refill your rice that comes in a set meal with no extra charge. So be sure to ask the staff whether the food you are ordering belongs to the set meals and how many bowls of rice you can get altogether!


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