Lunch specials: Aoki Sushi

Aoki Sushi Noodle Bar. Image credits: Aoki Sushi Facebook Page

There are a lot of restaurants nearby Griffith College, due to the high expenditure of students even though most of them are constantly saying that they are poor but spending tons of their money on unnecessities.

This restaurant is located on South Richmond Street, which is near Camden Street, a busy street which students and office workers frequent.

Like most restaurants, they have a lunch menu which you can enjoy certain items at a cheaper price. The bento box seems to a mandatory item on the menu, which they change the main course everyday. The lunch menu can be ordered from 12pm to 4pm, ideal for lunch breaks.


The lunch menu. Image credit: Patrick Leow


The bento box. Image credit: Patrick Leow

As you can see from the image above, the bento box consists of a main course, rice, salad, pickled ginger and 2 pieces of sushi. Even though it is comparably pricey, it is still in an acceptable price range considering the area has a lot of expensive restaurants.

Students are alloted a 10% discount, which you can show your student ID card to get your discount.


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