The Beauty of fans: Crepes

When we talk about crepes, most people in Europe would immediately think of France, with French crepes being known all over the world. When crepes are mentioned in Asia, there are two countries dominating the crepe market, which is Japan and Taiwan. Technically speaking, Taiwanese crepes are influenced by Japanese crepes, but they are crispier and darker in colour than Japanese crepes and French crepes.

Crepe w/ Chocolate Syrup

Image credit: La Fenice

Even though people flood over to France for the marvellous food over there, people in France themselves agreed that if you want to eat the best crepes you have to go over to Belgium.

Whilst most creperies use electric crepe makers to make their crepes, several shops still use the traditional frying pans for their crepes, as they said it is a family business and tradition.

The electric crepe maker. Image credit: Dvorsons

The crepe could vary in sizes, fillings and how they are presented. The fillings could be sweet or savoury, depending on the person’s likings. For the sweet fillings one could put in a huge variety of fruits, jams, Nutella, sprinkles and ice cream. For the savoury fillings, a personal favourite here is cheese, ham and tons of vegetables, topped with a bit of mayonnaise.

Whilst French crepes are placed flat on the plate, with fillings scattered all over it, the Japanese crepes have taken on a different approach where they place the fillings inside the crepe, with it rolled into a cone shape, like an ice-cream cone.


Image credit: Pinterest

The Taiwanese crepes are a variation from the Japanese crepes as an aftermath of Taiwanese culture being influenced by Japan during its colonization days. There is soda added to the Taiwanese crepes, which makes them more crispier with a different texture as compared to the normal crepes we have. This version of crepes is highly popular in South East Asia’s creperies.

Visually appealing, I would choose the Japanese crepes over French crepes on the street food category as they are more convenient to consume and a large variety of designs to choose from.

Here is a blog on the daily lives of a German living in Japan, writing about the food and culture of Japan. This is a post on how to make Japanese style crepes. If you are interested in making French style crepes, try the video by Allrecipes below:



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