KitKats & Oreos: Japan & America (Part 1)


Image credits: Mistura Perfeita

These two are both on the list of my favourite snacks, with none of the really bizzare flavours being sold in Malaysia nor Ireland. Meh.

KitKats are extremely popular in Japan due to the pronounciation being similar to the phrase “kitto katsu” in Japanese, literally meaning “good luck” or “sure win”, making them the perfect gifts for the students in Japan. Nestle, who had seen a huge potential market in this sensation has since started releasing unique flavours in Japan, several are even regional due to them being inspired by certain ingredients at that specific area. If you want to collect all of them, you can visit the Kit Kat Chocolatory that is situated in 5 parts of Japan: Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Nagoya, Kyoto and Sapporo.


Image credit:


Nothing can stop me from getting my hands on these babies. NOTHING. Image credits: Nerdophiles

Now you can even bake KitKats, with those KitKats being noted to be even better than raw due to them having a different recipe from normal KitKats. Please don’t throw your KitKats into the oven unless you have those below, those are the ones that are oven-proof, not your typical KitKats.


Image credits:
The technique as noted by the comments below is to expose the KitKats to a huge amount of heat in a short period of time.

Buzzfeed and EatYourKimchi has released their own editions of trying out the different flavours of KitKats from Japan.


The most bizzare flavour of Japan KitKats that is frequently shipped to other countries would be the Matcha flavour KitKat, which is really just meh in comparision to the other flavours.

Where is wasabi when you have matcha?? Image credits:

Check out the next post for the Oreo version!


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