Popin Cookin’: DIY your own candy!

Have you ever thought of DIY making your own candy? Kracie Holdings, a Japanese corporation has released a series of candy making kits that allows one to create candies with the confectionary powder packets and models in the kits to create certain types of confectionary.


6 types of candy kits among the Kracie Popin Cookin set. Image credit:White Rabbit Japan

These are extremely popular in Japan and overseas with a lot of Youtubers posting video tutorials of them trying out the kits, with the sushi-making kits and the Ice-cream making kit being the most popular amongst them all.


The Ice-cream Making Kit. Image Credit: Amazon


The Sushi making Kit. Image credits: White Rabbit Japan

There are instructions an the back of the box in Japanese, however a Japanese product export company White Rabbit Express has provided english tutorials for the convenience of their customers.


Image credit:Yahoo.com


The tools and ingredients included in the kit. Image credit: Famousinjapan.co.uk

Famous youtubers such as EatYourKimchi and HowToCookThat has covered several DIY kits, with HowToCookThat even experimenting and creating a version of her own DIY kit.

If one is interested you can try out White Rabbit Express to buy those kits as they ship to Ireland.




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