Starting your day with a perfect egg

What could be even better than having a great start in the morning with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and filling one’s stomach with a hearty breakfast? Bacon, sausages and puddings might sound tempting, but why not try a great start with eggs instead?

For instance, one could never go wrong with the sunny side-up, where the yolk oozes out with the slightest touch, paired with the crispy golden brown sides of the whites as one eats it together with toast to start the day. the-crispy-egg

Image credit: SmittenKitchens

You could even use tomatoes or peppers to hold the eggs in shape as a healthy and colourful alternative to normal sunny side-ups, with a creative twist and flavour.


Image credit: From The Grape Vine

If you are not a fan of runny egg yolks(like me), you could just beat them up together and add several ingredients of your own to make a great omelette. Bacon, ham and sausages are mostly a staple to add into the mix, where the fat gives the egg a savoury taste. Cheese sprinkled on top or placed in the middle of the omelette is also a must when one is grilling it. For those that are conservative of their health, adding tomatoes, peppers, or broccoli would be a great choice.ham-and-cheese-omelette

Image credit: Diesel Fit Food

Adding the milk and cheese would be optional, whereas the milk gives the omelette its creamy and presumably runny taste. Without the milk, the better option would be to make the base of the omelette thin and crispy,  which one could also use it as a wrap with fillings of one’s choice.

Scrambled eggs are also great on the dining table, but making a delectable version of it would be hard. The secret to making a delicious scrambled eggs would be to to make sure that the eggs aren’t overcooked. They should still be a bit runny throughout the process, so the fluffiness of the scrambled eggs is maintained. Checkout this website for the technique for great scrambled eggs!


Image Credits: The Domestic Curator

The egg is extremely versatile in its cooking methods, with the three above being the easiest among all of them and you only require a frying pan for them. Knowing how to cook an egg is the basics, and one could never go wrong with it. (With slight exceptions, of course.) If one could master the basics, more complicated recipes such as the frittata or the quiche would be much easier to tackle.

Kickstart your day with a delicious and nutritious egg to help you cope with this freezing weather! Bon appetit. =)



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